St Mowdens Park Warehouse in Newport
December 2022

This project was completed in December 2022, and what an amazing one it was!

2.4 Meter High Palladin Security Variable Mesh Fencing & Gates were successfully installed at St Mowdens Park Warehouse in Newport by ABC Fencing.

To ensure high levels of safety for this warehouse, our client required high-security fences. ABC Fencing has efficiently demonstrated this with the use of our Fencing Systems! 

Our team supplied and installed 180 meters of Powder Coated Black Palladin Security Fencing as well as secure lockable personnel and vehicle Palladin Security gates.

Variable Mesh Fencing is formed from 4mm vertical wires and 6mm horizontal wires, with a 1-5-1 spacing, allowing for a less obstructed view and an extra level of security.

In addition to this, we also installed 250 meters of Knee Rail Fencing to ensure safety for all the workers in this unit.

Besides discouraging drivers from driving off of roads and parking areas, Knee Rail Fencing also prevents pedestrians from walking on planted borders or grass areas.

Our team is grateful for this project, and we look forward to many more like this in the new year 2023!


Knee Rail Product Sheet

Variable Mesh Fencing

Mesh Gates


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