Restore Facilities - Rainham      April 2020

Restore Rainham is the largest UK owned Records Management company. They store and manage all business-critical documents, back-up tapes and heritage items, with a range of online management and retrieval options. This requires them to have lots of storage space and therefore multiple industrial units that ABC Fencing have been requested to put the fencing up for. 

The start of the project began with our In Ground Hoarding with our temporary works design, around the property to create a perimeter that keeps the employees and the public safe. 

ABC erected over 50 metres of Steel Palisade for the permanent fencing around the premises. Steel Palisade is a popular form of fencing in the commercial industry it is as strong, high quality and has a long life guarantee. It is also a professionally recognised system that can be installed efficiently and effectively. 

Along with this fencing ABC installed a large Automated Cantilever Sliding Gate. Cantilever Gate systems are designed for sites where sliding gates are required but the installation of a ground track is neither possible nor desirable. Therefore this gate was chosen not only due to its practicalness but also its guarantee of safe passage, secure operation, ridged construction frame and easy use lock. 

For protection to the warehouses ABC Fencing erected Armco Crash Barriers to ensure the highest safety and mitigate any risks in the event of an accident.



In Ground Hoarding Product Sheet 

Steel Palisade Product Sheet

Automated Cantilever Gate Product Sheet

Armco Crash Barrier Product Sheet 



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