Access Self Storage - Isleworth                October 2021

ABC Fencing have completed multiple jobs for the Access Self Storage company, in this job we erected over 130 meters of our Profile V Mesh in vibrant blue to match the companies logo around the new unit. Profile V Mesh is an excellent perimeter fence to ensure high security whilst looking aesthetically pleasing.

To match this fencing ABC supplied and installed Profile V Mesh Gates. Two of which were pedestrian, single leaf gates to allow access on foot. In addition ABC erected an Automated Tracked Sliding Gate to allow passageway for cars, lorries and other vehicles. Sliding Gates are useful when there is limited space on a project but a high degree of security is needed. 

ABC Fencing also installed 20m of 358 High Security Mesh towards to back of the unit to ensure this area is well protected. 

Lastly, ABC erected several large Bollards around the site to elevate the defence of the warehouse. Finally, a Bike Store in the matching vibrant blue was erected for the employees of the store. 




Profile V Mesh Product Sheet

Automated Sliding Gate Product Sheet

358 High Security Mesh Product Sheet

Cycle Shelter Product Sheet



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