We’re Ready… Posted 17/11/2020
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As we can all appreciate 2020 has been a very challenging year. The pandemic caused many difficulties and problems within every company. ABC Fencing were no exception to that, but we took these challenges and pushed forward to overcome these pains. (Socially distancing being a main one!) We ensured we worked that extra bit harder to get fences installed for our customers when they needed. 

We have had a few employees come and go throughout this time and now toward the end of the year we have built up a new team which we believe will make 2021 our strongest year yet. 

We are pleased to announce we have a new Senior Contacts Manager starting with us, a Contracts Supervisor and lastly a HSEQ Manager. We believe these new hires will have many contributions to our team and allow us to work harder, faster and with more professionalism than ever before. 

We have the strength and support in our team to have strong customer service whilst giving a competitive price with the best quality and long lasting fences possible.