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Domestic Automated Gates
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ABC Wooden, and Steel Domestic Automated Electric Gates

To build a quality Hardwood Electric Gate it is vital that the right materials are used and that skilled craftsmen carry out the construction.

We mainly use "Iroko" and "Utile", both African hardwood, for gate building. They are both naturally durable and stable. The timber arrives at our workshop rough sawn and kiln dried. We then put the timber "in stick" in our yard for secondary seasoning, during this period the timber will take up moisture until an optimum of 18 per cent is achieved.

Our gates are 70mm finish thick with a steel reinforced bottom rail to spread the load of an underground motor the full length of the gate, rather than an eight or twelve inch shoe.

For more information you can download the PDFs below

ABC Fencing - Ornamental Double and Sliding Gates  New Window
ABC Fencing - Premier Hardwood List 2013  New Window
ABC Fencing - Premier Sofwood List 2013  New Window
ABC Fencing - Trade Price List 2013  New Window

ABC Hardwood Gates

Hardwood Iroko Gate  Hardwood Electric Gate 1
ABC 000 Iroko Hardwood Gates                   ABC 001 - Wooden Electric Gates
Hardwood Electric Gate 2 Hardwood Electric Gate 3  
ABC 004 Hardwood Electric Gate               ABC 007 – Hardwood Electric Gate

Hardwood Electric Gate 4 Hardwood Electric Gate 5
ABC 013 Hardwood Electric Gate               ABC 017a – Hardwood Electric Gate

Hardwood Electric Gate 6 Hardwood Electric Gate 7
ABC 018 Hardwood Electric Gate               ABC 019 – Hardwood Electric Gate

Hardwood Electric Gate 8 Hardwood Electric Gate 9
ABC 020 Hardwood Electric Gate               ABC 021 – Hardwood Electric Gate

Hardwood Electric Gate 10 Hardwood Electric Gate 11
ABC 022 Hardwood Electric Gate               ABC 023 – Hardwood Electric Gate

Hardwood Electric Gate 10 Hardwood Electric Gate 11

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Bi Folding Gates Video

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Steel Electric Gates

Electric Gates can add safety and value to your property but making the right choice is critical

There is a selection of swing gate equipment classified under the headings: "Electro-Mechanical" and "Electro-Hydraulic".

Electro-Mechanical Gate Automation equipment is generally designed for the domestic user and has a duty cycle which suits family residences and entrances that are not busy throughout the day. Electro-hydraulic equipment is generally designed for a higher duty cycle and is suitable for busy entrances and prestige gates. Our hydraulic gate operators are fully serviceable and, if properly maintained, will give many years of reliable service.

Post mounted operators (Mechanical or Hydraulic) are fixed to the gate post and a sturdy cross member on the gate. It is important that they are fitted to specific measurements in relation to the gate hinge.

Underground Gate operators (Mechanical or Hydraulic) fit below ground level and it is important that the operator driveshaft aligns with the gate hinge.

ABC offer a unique design service to ensure that the right choice is made

Steel Electric Sliding Gates 1  Steel Sliding Electric Gates 2
ABC 001 Steel Electric Gate                          ABC 002 - Steel Electric Gates

 Steel Electric Sliding Gates 3  Steel Electric Sliding Gates 4
 ABC 003 Steel Electric Gate                          ABC 004 - Steel Electric Gates

 Steel Swing Gate 1 Steel Swing Gate 2
 ABC 005 Wrought Iron Swing                       ABC 008 Steel Swing Gate
Steel Swing Gate 3
ABC 009 - Steel Electric Gates

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Access Control & CCTV

As individuals require single source for all their security needs, demand and planned growth has led ABC to provide a broader range of security solutions. A number of highly sophisticated CCTV and colour video entry systems have been supplied. This gives the company or individual very cost effective state of the art technology with support and advice from the one company.

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Risk Assessment

ALL ABC Fencing Automated Gates are supplied with a force test assessment to ensure they are fully compliant with all current regulations regarding automated gates.

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